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Kenneth Irons
United States
I'm a photographer, weaboo, and gamer. My roommate is a FGT who uses this site, and is showing me how to do it now. Have fun!

Current Residence: Stratham, NH
Favourite genre of music: Rock
MP3 player of choice: Zune
Haha saw this and thought why not? Fun questions are fun.

1. Foreplay?

2. Are you a clueless one or an oracle about sex?
I've been told Oracle, and I am the advice giver to friends so sure :)

3. First sexual experiences in what age?

4. Any wet dream you remember about?
Not really...Sexual dreams ALL THE TIME. But never wet.

5. Ever been horny in school?
Haha yaaaa, in high school I'm pretty sure I walked around horny 100% of the time.

6. Do you prefer 'grabbing', 'saliva', 'ice-breaking' or 'wet cave'? I like grabbing...breasts? Saliva? Ummm use it I guess? Not a fucking clue about ice-breaking...wet this a reference to a vagina? In which case, duh...Wait....maybe grabbing is handjobs, saliva is BJ, ice-breaking is....still no fucking clue, wet cave is sex...I like them all?

7. Are you more attracted by your own, the other or both genders at same levels?
I am only attracted to females. I can appreciate when a man is good looking and even agree that he is sexually attractive, but I am not attracted to him, nor would I do anything with him.

8. Any sexual thing you'd clearly avoid?
Anything penetrating me....>.> That's not gonna happen.

9. Ever dreamt about sex with...
your cousin?: No
your teacher?: Yes
your doctor?: No
your neighbour?: Yes
a women/men over 40?: Yes
the mail carrier?: No
the baker?: Yes
your boss?: NO

10. Ever had sex...
in the bathroom?: Yes
in the kitchen?: Yes
in the cellar?: Yes
in the garden: Yes
on the attic?: Yes
in a car?: Yeah, every car I've had
in the park?: Yes
the forest?: Yes
the cinema?: Yes
in a church?: Nah
on the floor?: Ya
at the house/flat of a relative?: Many times and at friends houses haha

11. The weirdest sex imagination you ever had?
Sex imagination? Like when I pretended I was Mr. Fantastic and any part of me could extend/bend? Or are we talking weirdest fantasy? In which case, most of my fantasies are standard male ones, costumes, voyeurism, etc...

12. Thing that turns you on the most?
Pictures and audio, a girl who can tell me what she wants, and isn't afraid to admit it

13. Ever combined sex and food?
Yup whipped cream, chocolate syrup, etc...

14. Ever gotten horny thanks to a song or just a noise?
If that noise was someone whispering something in my ear haha

15. Threesome?
No actually. I'm opposed to them in relationships. I find it to be cheating. When single? Well I'm not that lucky lol

16. BDSM, seductive, or rather vanilla sex?
Not as far as BDSM, but I love being scratched and bit, and I enjoy reciprocating. And I love seducing/being seduced.

17. Would you share???
My girlfriend/fiance/wife? No. A fuck buddy? It's not my place to tell them yes or no.

18. Pee games?
Nope. I was asked by an ex. I refused, and couldn't stop laughing. She never talked to me again.

19. Ever gotten horny by a awkward or bashful reason?
Nope, I'm proud of being turned on.

20. Ever puked during sex?
Haha no, but funny enough an ex did. While she was on top. I was like "OH SHIT!" She managed to miss me, but damn did it ruin the mood.

21. Ever had sex and meanwhile fallen out of the bed?
Haha so many times.

22. Would you have sex for money?
>.> Of course not that would be illegal <.<

23. Ever had sex and dreamt of someone else?
Yea, I'm guilty.

24. Pussyfart, yay or nay?
This isn't really an option haha. If girls can control it then I must have missed something but it's usually from rough sex/pulling out then going back in...therefore....if it happens it happens?

25. Ever have given or received sex as birthday gift?

Whoever else is interested can do this survey...
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Planes flying overhead
  • Reading: College info
  • Watching: Law and Order SVU
  • Playing: Nothin
  • Eating: Subway
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew

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